Doll House out of the plastic cans

For all those people who want to create a baby doll house on their own. Here is a simple and easy method.

Use plastic cans and use the colorful ones. You can also use white plastic cans for your dollhouse. And the tip is to color the white plastic can to get the end result perfect in this certain doll house game.

The Doll House would look something like this:

These sort of dollhouse games are not only money saving but involve a lot of creativity. The ability to develop something out of simple plastic cans is something really creative and crafty.

Things you might need during the preparation of the dollhouse:

  • A cutter/ stylus
  • 3 packs of cleaning supplies or material.
  • CD markers.
  • Tissues, Glues and Adhesives.

If you are previously involved in creating things such as these baby doll houses out of the plastic cans, arranging the glues and adhesives wont be a big deal for you. You might have them with you already.  The used material can be re used in the plastic dollhouse project.

How to build the Plastic Dollhouse:

1- Mark the doors and windows using a stylus.

2- In order to decorate the house use the fabric to cut and paste .

3- You can also use stickers and bows to decorate the dollhouse further.

Repeat the procedure for some other plastic cans to be shaped in to a perfect doll house. The designing can be different . You should then assemble the village together and allow your kids to have fun in it.

Trust me, creating a dollhouse of your own and placing your dolls in it is more fun than getting a barbie house all by yourself. The joy that you have created something is infinity and you can improve your crafting skills more and more by practicing on a large number of plastic cans. Trust me the barbie doll houses would seem inferior in front of your personalized dollhouse.

Baby Doll House Games : Doll’s haircut.

Doll is an important component of the baby doll house. And in order to make the  most important component of your doll house look perfect, keep the doll in shape. There are some simple steps to get your doll done with the hair cut.

1- Unstrip the doll and make her lie in the basin. Make sure she is not wearing  the shoes.

2-  Use a little shampoo. At times the stuff used for the doll’s hair is made up of a not-so-perfect stuff to be washed away with an appropriate amount of shampoo. For very rough we use the conditioner as well.

3- Brush the hair such that they become straight and easy to comb through.

4- Use a clip or some other hair accessory to mark the tip of the doll’s hair. This will  determine the actual length of the hair of the doll. If you want long hair for your doll mark the bun a little higher than it actually is.

5- Now get a hairdressing accessory and cut the exact length in front of the accessory.  Sure, the dolls do not grow those split ends but anyway cut them.

6- Brush your neat and tidy hair and feel the neatness.


Selecting the correct Barbie doll house.

May be too much words describing the quality of furniture are not needed when it comes to barbie doll house furniture. Popularly known as the life size dream house. Just like a barbie, it needs to be perfect and in position. There were different designers for the barbie doll house and the barbie doll house furniture at different times.

Jonathon Adler, a famous designer of all the times has been reported to design an actual barbie doll houses on the shores of Malibu is said to design the barbie doll house in a strange manner. He used the ear rings  and barbie’s wig hanging on the wall.

When it comes to the miniature barbie doll house, it has  existed from forty years now . Mainly, because of the fact that it has been one of the most favorite play sets of all the times. As mentioned in the previous blog posts as well, these doll houses are sort of helping a child build up a imagination and create a complete visual  imagery for the barbie doll. It is imaginative playing, basically. And helps a lot to make a child follow the path of creativity. Exposing children to TV or computer might have adverse impacts since it contains adult material which is really bad for the brain of the child.

Choosing the right Barbie Doll House:

For all the first timers, it is pretty hard to decide what barbie doll house you must buy. Such people should try to do some research before buying a good quality barbie doll house. As it might turn out beneficial and increase your knowledge for the type of barbie doll house furniture.

The price of your investment matters  and thus it is advisable to do some research for the barbie doll house in order to end up buying a better  barbie doll house. The doll house might have essential  doll house furniture.

Still Confused?

We can tell you about some of the most popular choices made for the barbie doll house.

The Barbie 3 story pink Town House is one of the most popular choice made in terms of a barbie doll house. This is one of the doll houses which has elevators in them. The shades of pink (as expected) are common in this Barbie Doll House. Along with that, real noise has been tried to produce in the house when it comes to either ringing the bell or the buzz of the people talking. Even the flush works in this certain kind of Barbie Doll House. Amazed?

Don’t be.

Because there is still a lot in the category of the Barbie Doll Houses. All you have to do is discover it either online  or walk up to a mart for further information.



The Loving Family Doll house Furniture

Loving Family Doll House Furniture

We have described to you  in our previous posts that what the Fisher Price Loving Family Doll houses are. The main  demand for the Fisher Price Loving Family Doll House accessories is for the furniture be it the plastic or the wooden Furniture.


Loving Family Doll House Furniture

With a proper doll house, a child will most likely demand  a good enough furniture as well to go along the barbie doll house. What Fisher Price Loving Family Doll House is offering  is not only the Grand Doll House but enough furniture along to fill the voids of your child’s imaginations. The furniture might follow the combination of the barbie doll House or may in contrast to the colors of the Loving Family Doll House.


The Doll House material maybe made out of plastic or wood. Whatever the material of the doll house is the choice you have to made yourself. For there are people who might like light weight furniture in the fisher price doll house, whereas  some one else may like the classic appeal of a wooden doll house.

However, if some one does not like the furniture that comes within the Fisher Price Doll House, you can  buy a separate set of furniture as well. The separate set in the furniture might contain flowers, pots, trays, tables and boosters. The quantity is directly proportional to the price. Although the material of the doll house furniture is good enough, you will find the prices to be extremely reasonable!

Not: These furniture items available separately are not in the display boxes, they come from the factory in plastic bags and you might find a good variety of the Loving Family Doll House Furniture in online stores such as amazon.

What comprises of a Fisher Price Grand Doll House?

 What makes the Fisher Price Dollhouse so popular among the people? Is it the name? Is it the company?

Let us explain it to you.

The idea of  Fisher Price Loving Family grand Doll House was, as denoted in the name, to give the kid the idea of a loving family.  A fisher price Doll House comprises of a mom, dad and a pair of  a brother and sister. In this way, the whole idea of a dollhouse comes in such a way that it depicts love and the idea of bonding to each other.

A fisher price Doll House has a total of eight rooms.  So the children can always imagine the children to be in their place and enhance their imaginative and creative skills.  The fisher price doll house can be decorated accordingly by the kids such that the rooms are spacious enough for the accessibility of the kids. Their hands can easily reach into the rooms of the fisher Price DollHouse and thus they can decorate the rooms in different styles.

Why the Fisher Price DollHouses are called That?

That is because of the name of the company. The Fisher-Price resulted by joining  two  names altogether.

Here is a visual review for you which will explain the features of the  Fisher Price baby Dollhouse

Fisher-Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse by andrani7


Fisher Price Grand Doll House

Baby doll Houses are a way of opening the doors of imagination for the kids. This way the kids learn a lot and a sense of creativity is aroused in the kids while they are engaged in the doll house play.  Specially for a girl, the fisher price grand doll house is really charming.

What most children love about the fisher price doll houses  is the different types of doll houses that come under the loving family doll house.  The fisher price Grand doll house has a large number of rooms  ranging form 8-10 rooms. The best thing about the fisher price grand doll house is that  it is very convenient to use.

The miniature doll house comprises of miniature mummy and daddy and twin babies also. This way the children are taught the importance of a family through doll house play and through fisher price grand doll house.


fisher price grand doll house

Little girls get really excited about the furniture that is placed within the miniature doll house. To their excitement, the  fisher price grand doll house has exquisite furniture.  Starting from the dining hall, which has two chairs and a pair of baby booster seats. Some girls like collecting additional accessories as well, and so they dont need to worry in this regard because the rooms of loving family doll house are spacious enough. This way more and more accessories can be accomodated in the doll house play.

Now the choice of colours has been given special importance in designing the fisher price grand doll house. Not only the interior but also the exterior has been given special attention. Special care is given to accessibility. It has been made sure that the little girls have accessibility to easily decorate all rooms . This makes it easier for the girls to pick or drop the objects they may wish to whatever way.

The best thing about the miniature doll houses is that you can fold in and out them whatever way you like. These fold in out stairs measure just about 24.5- 15.4 inches.

With so many pros, there are some cons as well in the fisher price grand doll house which bothers many people. While some people have the issue of the loving family doll house staircase to be extremely curved which hinders their way.  This problem can be solved easily as you can remove the stairs in the loving family doll house. Some say that it blocks most of the first floor, thereby they will skip adding the stair case in the fisher price grand doll house. Despite the fact that the stairs give a realistic touch, they should not be incuded in the miniature doll house.

Now coming towards the advantages. As mentioned earlier, the miniature loving family doll house comes with enough accessories and you dont have to spend additional bucks to buy accessories. Although the fisher price grand doll house is designed in such a way that the rooms do not get over crowded. Still its a plus point of loving family doll house to have enough fisherprice dollhouse accessories. 

Doll House Miniatures

The baby doll house minature that we see today only for the use of children has a very profound history. In the ancient egyptian era, the doll house miniatures were used to embellish egyptian tombs. Ranging in size and designs, this kind of baby doll houses  were mainly made up of wood, as the concept of using plastic was not introduced in that era. Not only women and children collected these miniature baby doll houses, but also men took part in decorating their tombs with minature doll houses.

However, the  concept of baby doll houses came later on in the western countries which include England, Netherland and Germany. The purpose of these baby doll houses also served as to decorate the people’s cabinets. Another interesting fact regarding these baby doll houses in England is that in the late 17th century when people travelled a lot these minature doll houses were made in to parts. These minature doll houses were considered as luxurious items.

Moving a little further in history, we observe that the baby doll houses now a days can even serve for antique purposes for their significance in the late 17th century.  It wasnt until the wives of rich Dutch merchants spent huge sums of money to be invested on the collection of the doll miniatures. One of the famous events, in this regard, is that of a Dutch silk trader. The Dutch Silk trader ordered a doll house which was to be constructed using marble, copper and tortoiseshell. The dutches used the help of many skillful experts to make her miniature doll house flawlessly complete. The amount of money spent was huge and it is said that a big house in  a excellent location could have been constructed in the construction cost of the baby doll house.  The desire of the lady was achieved anyhow and she got her miniature baby doll house complete.

Named after Doctor Killer, this miniature doll house surely is collectable as an anitique piece.

Another intriguing story regarding a miniature doll house in history is about the Killer Cabinet House. It was named after the surname of its owner, Doctor John Ederton Killer.  The ladies of Killer’s house  made hand made miniatures which were placed well on the cabinets ordered by killer. Other additional minatures were also ordered by the Doctor from London.

The stories regarding the miniature doll houses cannot be put an end to here. Surely there would be other interesting stories too regarding the baby doll houses, but unfortunately history has been communicated to us just uptil this point. But these stories signify the importance of miniature houses whether its just for the sake of decoration or for the sake of doll play. Still these baby doll houses are highly used as gift for children, who play with them in their spare time and enjoy home making and the feeling of making your doll comfortable at home !

A Baby doll house and the Sassy sisters

The sassy sisters guide you well  about the baby doll play. In this video, a barbie doll house is featured. If you have a brief view of the video, you will get to notice that this baby doll house has many rooms which the sassy sisters have decorated themselves for their barbie. They get very exciting telling every bit of detail about the barbie boll house.


What type of doll houses does a baby want.

Some people buy doll houses for their children while the others buy it because of their passion for collection of doll house furniture. However, the reason of keeping different sorts of doll houses can be redefined.  A doll house is not meant for kids only, even adults can buy it too! The reason for keeping a doll house in your house is that there are a range of classic doll houses available which might seem grand in their appearances and can add a touch of decoration in your houses.

A doll house is meant to enhance creativity in your child, as your children will develop ideas to make the doll house more significant in arranging the doll house furniture in a peculiar manner,  among the many types of baby doll houses, I present to you an account of different types of doll houses available in the market so that you can chose among them the best doll house miniatures that you want.

Victorian style doll houses: 

This type of doll houses are present in a large variety. The cardboard appearances make it easier to do it yourself. It is a very well engineered kind of baby doll houses, The spiral staircases and easy to open windows give a very good impression. The doll house furniture can also be arranged likewise.

Magical Mansion Doll Houses:

A Magical Mansion Doll house leaves you in awe for a second because of its magnificent approach. These baby doll houses are open from the front and your child can easily arrange the doll house furniture the way they like. The wooden nature of this doll house is unique among all the baby doll houses. The exquisitely style of the baby doll house furniture is what can enhance the look of your baby doll house even more.

There are other many types of baby doll houses too which will be discussed in later posts. The journey to fantasize your own personal doll house doesn’t end here. Surely a doll house is a place where you can look for closure.